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Internal Thread Copper Bushing

VTE has created a Waterproof Copper Core Bushing. Based on our very popular Copper Core Bushing ( CCB ) line, we added features to make a waterproof current passing bushing for industrial and power solutions.

Our Internal Thread Copper Bushings have been designed with these key components in mind:

  • Waterproof (IP67+)
  • High energy transfer
  • High torque
  • High anti-rotation
  • Multiple post thread options
Waterproof (IP67+)
EPDM O-ring on the copper bushing prevents fluid and vapor from passing between the copper and nylon bushings. Silicone panel gasket prevents fluid and vapor from passing through the panel mount area. The bushing was tested in a pressurized tank ( over 1.5psi ) for over 30 minutes, surpassing IP67.
High energy transfer
Current passes through the high transfer copper bushing. Copper washers provide large terminal contact surface area.
•   8mm version cross section: 107kcmil ( 1/0 awg equivelant )
•   5/16" version coming soon
•   10mm version coming soon
•   3/8" version coming soon
High torque
Internal testing shows torqure needed for failure far exceeds established torqure values for included standard fasteners. The copper bushing incoporates protruding ridges to maintain high anti-rotation. Double-D cutout provides nylon bushing anti-rotation.

  • For panel thickness up to 13/32"
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Low cost
  • Max Amperage 12vdc: 350 nominal, 450 peak
  • Max Voltage: 48vdc
  • Available in Red & Black ( other colors available, plesae contact )
  • Bushing Material : Glass-Filled Nylon
  • Bolt Material : Stainless Steel
  • Lock and Flat Washer : Stainless Steel
  • Allowable Terminal Thickness, 8mm & 10mm post: 0 - 4.7mm ( 0 - .18" )
  • * IMPORTANT * Please review minimum and maximum terminal height

Use terminal insulators to comply with industry standards, and protect against accidental shorts.

487 Series Terminal Insulator 487
487 Series fits onto shoulder side of the bushing.
Provides weather protection along with accidental short protection.

232 Series Terminal Insulator 232
232 Series fits nicely onto the threaded end of the bushing.
Provides weather protection along with accidental short protection.

956 Series Terminal Insulator 956N
Dual 3/0 ga (81mm2) cable
956 Series Terminal Insulator 795
Multiple 3/0 ga (81mm2) cables

Thread Bolt Length Terminal
Height Min
Height Max
Item Color
8mm 16mm 0 4.7mm (.18") ICB086N02 Red
0 4.7mm (.18") ICB086N14 Black

18mm 1.8mm (.07") 6.5mm (.26") ICB088N02 Red
1.8mm (.07") 6.5mm (.26") ICB088N14 Black

Thread Bolt Length Term Min Term Max Item Color
5/16" 5/8" 0 .18" (4.7mm) ICB316N02 Red
0 .18" (4.7mm) ICB316N14 Black

3/4" .125" (3.2mm) .3125" (7.9mm) ICB318N02 Red
.125" (3.2mm) .3125" (7.9mm) ICB318N14 Black

 10mm and 3/8" are being developed 

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